Featuring Arp’s Milk Products

We stock a wide variety of the most commonly used dairy products including Milk, Eggs, Sour Cream, and Cheeses. (over 50 types of cheese available, both Domestic and Imported)

CheeseAmerican Sliced
Alouette Garlic & Herbs
Asiago Domestic ¼ Wheel Asiago, Shredded
Blue Crumble
Bousin w/ Herbs
Cheddar, Mild Block
Cheddar, Aged Block
Cheddar, Shredded
Cheddar, White
Cheddar, White Shredded
Cheddar/Jack ShreddedCo-Jack Marble Horn Swiss, Lorraine
Colby Prints
Cottage CheeseCream Cheese
Cream Cheese 10/3#
Cream Cheese P.C.Fontina, Italy
Goat Cheese (silver)Gorgonzola
Gorgonzola Crumble
Gorgonzola Wheel

Gouda, Smoked
Harvarti w/ Dill
Maytag Blue
Manchego Import Wheel


Cheese Con’tMontrachet
Montrachet 11oz. LogsMonterey Jack
Monterey Jack Print
Monterey Jack, ShreddedMozzerella
Mozzarella, Block
Mozzarella, Fresh Boccocini
Mozzarella, Fresh Ciliegini
Mozzarella, ShreddedMuensterParmesan
Parmesan, Grated
Parmesan, Shredded
Parmesan, ReggianoPecorino, Grated
Pepper Jack
Provolone, Sliced
Romano, Grated
Saga Blue Wheel

Swiss, Baby
Swiss, Big Eye
Swiss, Gruyere
Swiss, Lacey Pearl Valley
Swiss, Sliced

Fresh DailyMilk 
Skim Milk, Gallon
2% Milk, Gallon
Whole Milk, Gallon
Chocolate Milk, ½ Gallon
Skim Milk, ½ Pint
2% Milk, ½ Pint
Whole Milk, ½ Pint
Chocolate Milk, ½ Pint
Half & Half, Quarts
Half & Half, P.C.
Heavy Cream 40% QuartsButter 
Butter, Salted, 36/1#
Butter, Unsalted, 36/1#
Butter, Whipped, 5#
Margarine, 30/1#Eggs 
Eggs, Large 15 doz.
Eggs, Hard Boiled Pillow Pack
Eggs, Liquid, Bag in a BoxRicotta
Sour Cream “Cabot”